Day 4

The most important international event of the Snipe class in 2016 arrives tomorrow, Saturday (25/6), his last day with five crews from three different countries pulling ahead in the title race and the podium. After eight races contested, the ten planned, the competition comes to a close with two tests that promise to boil the cold waters of cabofriense winter.

Friday (24/6) good southwesterly winds in the range of 12 knots, the famous “social Wind” in the jargon of the sailors, allowed for three races in Fort Beach streak. And each saw his own dramas and successes. On the first day, flying Ecuadorians Diminich Edgar and Jaime Santos won with Felipe Sabino and Leo Lombardi (RYC / ICRJ) coming next and Rafael Gagliotti and Henry Wisniewski (ICS) in third. The then league leaders, Xandi Paradeda and Gabriel Kieling with a 11, already discarded, paved the way for the rivals.

In the seventh race of the series, the second of the day, the Niterói-Rio duo Felipe Sabino and Leo Lombardi won, with the only representatives of Ecuador finishing second to climb further steps towards the top of the scoresheet and Luiz Felipe Caneppa and Dante Bianchi ( ICRJ) third.

In the final race on Friday, Argentine Luis Soubie and Diego Lipszyc won from end to end, from an excellent start in the float until the last upwind, to also accredit the title and the podium. Helinho Lyra and Alexander Muto made an excellent race and came in second (now occupy the 16th position overall) and another pair of the Yacht Club of Rio de Janeiro, Breno Bianchi and Flavio Castro (12th overall), came in third. But who celebrated it were the fourth placed Rafael Henrique and the Yacht Club of Santos, with the position, tied with Ecuadorian leaders in the 37 points lost.

Other tie the score, this time by 39 points, it takes place in the third and fourth places. Xandi Paradeda and Gabriel Kieling, despite not having one of the best days was held in general on the scoresheet third and Felipe Sabino and Leonardo Lombardi were only fourth in the tiebreaker. Together these four crews and the Soubie Lipszyc Argentines are also fighting for the title. Running out, with the races with great balance and exchange of positions that have marked the championship and with the input of the second discard after the ninth race, the other pairs in the Top 10 of the scoresheet have to rely on historical blunders of the leaders to dreaming of the podium. Tomorrow the world will know who will triumph at the end. Full results are in:

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